Fumigation/Pest Control

Riverside Hygiene Ltd. is leading provider of pest control, fumigation, woodworm treatment and damp proofing. Our professionally trained technicians have the expertise to protect:

(a) Homes
(b) Businesses
(c) Hospitals
(d) Learning institutions
(e) Commercial buildings
(f) Hotels
(g) Guest’s homes
(h) Museums
(i) Entertainment venues
(j) Compounds (termites, snakes, ants, bees etc) from pest problems.

Riverside Hygiene Ltd. controls:

1) Cockroaches
2) Rodents
3) Flies
4) Mosquitoes
5) Bed bugs
6) Termites
7) Bees
9) Scorpions
10) Sugar ants
11) Snakes
12) Silver fish

Riverside Hygiene Ltd. also offers pre-construction and postconstruction fumigation services.

(a) Pre-construction fumigation – it is fumigating of the building or homes before their completion (Termites).

(b) Post-construction fumigation – it is fumigating the buildings or homes after their completion (termites).

Riverside Hygiene Ltd. issues a Certificate of Service At the end of every service.
Why you need a Professional Pest Control Programme

  • To avoid unnecessary customer complaints
  • To avoid damage to your brand and reputation
  • To avoid damage to goods, food stuffs, leather, books, packaging, plastics, cartons etc.
  • To avoid contamination of food stuffs
  • To avoid spread of diseases like cockroaches carry disease organisms such as salmonella (food poisoning) and Escherichia coli (gastro enteritis) which can be spread through saliva and excreta.
  • To even avoid legal proceedings from any of your clients due to the

It leads to loss of profits because customers will not come back again.

Note: Save 10% off your pest control contract when you recommend a
friend who then signs up to a new pest control contract.

Riverside Hygiene Ltd. uses precise pesticides and rodentcides recommended by the Poisons and Pharmacy Board.