Lounge & Sofa/Seats Cleaning

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Whether it is fabric or leather, a grubby lounge and dining room suite will spoil the look of any home. This furniture will also harbour germs and other bacteria that could be harmful to you and your family.

Our Riverside Hygiene Ltd. operators offer safe and gentle process for the cleaning of all upholstered furnishings. You will be amazed at these results.

Riverside Hygiene low moisture cleaning system:

(1)Removes odours, dirt and moulds including pet stains and smells.
(2)Eliminate germs, bacteria, dust, mites and allergies
(3)No colour loss
(4)Safe and gentle for all types of fabrics
(5)Cleans better and dries faster leaving the furniture smelling fresh
(6)Riverside hygiene Ltd. also offers a protective treatment for all furnishings

Leather furniture needs to be cleaned, conditioned and protected to retain the suppleness of the hide. Riverside hygiene’s gentle and effective cleaning system will help restore your expensive leather furniture so that it feels nice and soft once again.